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Laborateries & Classroom

Well-Equipped State-of-Art Laboratories

Initiating our journey with Electronics Department we have: -

The advanced Communication System Laboratories – This is a well-equipped laboratory with industry standard equipments, essential for students to learn with systems for “real world” trainers. They are specially designed to cover the fundamental aspects of the concerned subjects. The basic application part includes transmission of signals from one end to another and to analyse the signal wave form in transmission through different media. The two bifurcation of this lab are - Analog and Digital Communication Laboratory and Optical Communication Laboratory.

Advanced Microprocessor & Digital Laboratory

(i) Digital Circuit Lab.
(ii) Microprocessor Lab.
(iii) Micro Controller Lab.

The further bifurcation of this lab is: -

The application part includes to write the programme in assembly language for given task and check for execution. Digitalization of signals and their study using digital circuit is also the area covered by this.

Electronics Laboratory

In our properly established electronics laboratory, students perform a number of experiments to enhance their designing abilities. The accurate analysis of electronics circuit characteristics is a critical requirement for engineering students. To encourage its smooth working, we have arranged a special software package for designing, simulating and analysing analog, digital and mixed electronic circuits so that they can be implemented properly.

Instrumentation Laboratory

A well equipped Instrumentation laboratory with all industry standard equipments helps make the students aware about the technical requirements of the industry. Live instrumentation techniques are also available.

Sensors & Transducer Laboratory

The basic application parts of this lab is of PLC used in industries and robotics design using sensor of transducer.

Design Laboratory

It takes care of designing of electronic circuit using latest software programming in VHDL for designing experiment on FPGA & CPLD Kits.

Radio Communication & Control System Laboratory

It involves the study of interchange of intelligence signals, symbols between two or more plates employing radio waves. Measurement of antenna parameters experiments on industrial application as pneumatic and hydraulic control and digital control method.


Classrooms are spacious, well ventilated and illuminated, and designed specifically to facilitate participative learning. They are equipped with presentation facilities including overhead projector and screen.

Central Workshop

Our Workshop is very spacious (built-up area 1000 Sq.m.), airy, well illuminated and is equipped with all machine tools required for a good engineering college. We have Carpentry Shop, Pattern-making Shop, Fitting Shop, Machine Shop, Black Smithy Shop and Foundry Shop.

All these shops are not only having sufficient number of machine tools, tools, measuring instruments and work tables, etc. but are also manned with experienced instructors to train and teach intricacies of the trades.

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