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The wide range of engineering as a career is getting popular among students for fields such as construction of building, bridges, roadways, as also various other components of country’s infrastructure, telecommunication power, space technology besides research and development in a number of allied areas in business management, information technology etc. Keeping this in view. NRIITM, a renowned center for technical education was established in 2002 under the patronage of Vatsal Shiksha Samiti for the promotion of technical education. NRIITM is known for providing quality technological & scientific & management education.

NRIITM is located in one of the most picturesque surroundings of Gwalior. The Institute is about 6 km. away from the center of city and 8 km. from the railway station.

The environment of the Institute is highly conducive for building a solid foundation of knowledge, development of personality, confidence building, pursuit of excellence, self discipline and enhancement of creativity through motivation which helps to prepare for the professional and social life. The Institute has well equipped modern laboratories, a state-of-the-art library and computer networks. The students study in pleasant and intellectually stimulating environment.

NRIITM stands for promoting academic excellence rigorous discipline and sound practical exposure. first of all core strength of the Institute is its academic, rigor through conceptual teaching, projects, presentation and workshops. NRIITM believes that teaching has to be an optimal blend of theory and practical. Secondly, the Institute believes in absolute discipline to ensure that an example is set for the student by the Institute itself. It is ensured that classes are held on time and syllabus is completed. This requires discipline which is inculcated into the students by an example. The last but not the least, NRIITM believes in training of the students to be corporate leaders of tomorrow with indencisive skills, deep rooted fundamentals and an ethical approach. NRIITM strongly believes in empowering the students and providing them a friendly and interactive atmosphere conducive to learning.

Students are the most valuable assets of the Institute. The focus approach of the institute has yielded rich dividends in a short span of time. The students of the institute have been performing extremely well in academics as well as in co-curricular activities.

Our Endeavour

The world today is plunging into more and more chaos, insecurity and uncertainty despite great advances in science and information availability, awareness of the problems and also its solutions.

Suddenly values and ethics, transparency in transactions, elationships and trusteeship in governance have emerged as important topics in seminars and conference halls. Ethics and values are also being included as subjects to be studied for certificates. Making a noise about values and ethics is no use as long as name, fame, money, power and possessions remain the prime motivations of people influencing the present society or the world order. Fear, suspicion, deception and competition where everyone is trying to impress, imitate or outsmart the other – be it people, organizations or nations – are consuming most of the human energies and natural resources. This race will go on. A new mindset has to be created. We have to move away from competitive rivalry to collaboration and co-operation and re-connect to our humaneness and build competencies on that foundation to act in a right and effective manner. So far no medicine or vaccine has been discovered to change the adulterated mindsets or to prevent adulteration of the innocent and pure minds of children to live and remain as human beings. The current educational system unknowingly though, changes a creative, vibrant and a fast learning exploring child into a caged, instruction driven circus animal moving oblivious of his original being. Focus in institutions is again on competition, not collaboration and therefore on examinations, rather than learning. Marks are the indices of success and would be success. Parents define success in terms of how much money their wards can make and how fast they can reach the pinnacles of glory.

NRIITM is making an effort to attain its goal in its own humble way. It has crystallized a new approach to education; to de-condition and re-orient the students towards right learning and action. Its endeavor is to effect a shift in the minds from:-

“What I can get”
“What I can give”
Self-centered success
Selfless accomplishments
Teaching and studying
Learning and realization
Indifference and inaction
Bold initiative & decisive action External
Casualness & mediocre approaches
An indomitable urge to excel
Employment as mere job & salary
A great opportunity to unfold and express oneself
Forced upgradation of quality
An unflinching mission to serve by offering the best
Competitive rivalry
Support & collaboration for competitiveness
Reward – induced limited motivation
Limitless self – motivation
Excuses & escapism
Accountability & “Taking charge”
Principle-bound self discipline
Service & Means on life
Serving and Meaning to life;
Knowing and doing
Performing and achieving
Mere living
living by leaving a legacy, and
“I can’t”
“I can”
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